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Licensed Psychologist

Carol OBrien, Ph.D.

I specialize in helping people who have:

Relationship Problems



Behavioral Problems

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Difficulty coping with stress

Problems adjusting to illness or disability

Alcohol or drug problems

Difficulty moving on after a loss

Unresolved anger

Problems with self-esteem

Unresolved issues from the past

Guilt or shame

Career or work dissatisfaction

Difficulty with decision-making or problem-solving

A desire for self-awareness

My Approach

I am well trained in several specific interventions to treat problems such as depression, interpersonal problems, anxiety disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship Conflict, and Substance Use Disorders and I work with my patients to identify the most helpful interventions for their situation. My overall approach is to help you to identify the ways that you've been trying to solve your problems that hasn't been working (what doesn't work are usually attempts to control things such as thoughts and feelings) and to develop acceptance of what is and has been in your life, as well as a willingness to try new strategies for behavior change.